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About US,

Verica, creator & ceo of KITA Beauty.

"Women who invest in themselves go further"

Driven by my strong admiration of aesthetics and femininity, I praised women and created this brand in their honor. 

Whenever a woman is noticed in a crowd thanks to this brand, that will make me feel closer to them. I aspire each one of you to find the feminine urge to conquer. Whether it’s your school, your job or your night life… my goal is to make you shine. To fulfill my wish to use aesthetics and taste in my professional life, I graduated Architecture and Design. I wanted to be close to everything that has an appearance, good enough to make people stare. But, I never thought of myself as a follower, much rather as a leader. 

KITA Beauty is my escape to the ultimate girl fantasy. I want to teach you how to enhance your best features using the products I put so much effort in, for you. I started with eyes and if you let me, I wish to complete your whole appearance. 

With the right guidance, each girl can turn herself into the woman she is meant to be. I will help you find your inner goddess reaching the highest point of the timeless “THAT GIRL” look. I never settle for less and neither should you. I will share my tips, even my deepest secrets in order for you to become the bombshell you always secretly, shyly wanted to be.